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The Archer needs clothes for target - Archery wise clothes or club - clothes. This is in such a way certain in the regulation. This regulation does not give it in the Field Archery. The Archer has own request apart from these regulations, to the sport clothes. So that the Bowstring does not remain hanging on the clothes, the Archer at the torso must carry for close clothes.

Sportswear for Archer

Chest Guard

The chest guard does not serve primarily the protection of the Archers. The chest guard has the function not to blocking the Bowstring. If the Bowstring touches the clothes with the firing, the Bowstring can get caught in it. Sometimes as result the arrow deviates from the firing picture.

With 100% of all women and with 80% of all men the Bowstring meets the clothes of the Archers. The chest guard must belong thus to the Sportswear.

Arm Guard

The arm guard is likewise absolute obligation for the Archer. The arm guard serves the protection of the Archers. If the Bowstring meets the arm, this leads to painful violations. The Archer would like the next shot any longer would not drive out. This is particularly bad. The lever protection must be carried by each Archer, always.

On the right is a photo with a effusion of blood. Thus a arm looks, if after two years training without arm guard were shot.


The clothes must fit closely, so that the Bowstring cannot get caught with the firing in the clothes. The request of the clothes are otherwise general. If it rains is the clothes against rains to protect. If the sun shines, then the clothes are to protect against sun.

With Archer the hat to be seen (as on the right) worked satisfactorily. A Basball cap is not to be shot frequently, since the Bowstring touches the cap in the single dump. A hat with a short edge protects equally against sun and against rains.

Chest Guard
Arm Guard
Archer Sportswear
effusion of blood

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