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For Archery beside arrow and Bow also still another multiplicity of accessories are needed. To it belonged for example the pin for noting the hits. In addition, a Quiver for the arrows or binoculars is helpful. With the accessories one must differentiating whether one is pure hobbies a Archer or would like to operate serious tournament port. The target - Archer needs other accessories than the Field - Archer.


The Archer needs some implements for the practice of its sport. To it the Quiver, a Knife, a pin and a Arrow Puller belongs.

In addition, the Archer needs things for the personal protection equipment and for looking the arrows up. These sections are Accessories for all Archers part 2 descriptive.

A target - Archer is during the complete match at the same place. Therefore it can afford the luxury and structure for example a tent for the match. Since a match lasts between 3 hours and 10 hours, few comfort for the result is important.

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