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Archer the target after FITA shoot, have own requirements to the material. They must the complete day either the sun or the rain were to hold. There are no protecting trees. FITA - Shoot takes place on free field. These special request must the Archer in its equipment consider.

Accessories Target Archer


With the target fixed distances of 90m, 70 m, 60 m, 50 m or 30 m are shot. Here it depends on precision. So that the Archer corrections at the Sight would drive through can, it must be informed about the current hit position. Binoculars are not the correct medium, since the hand wobbles too much. The target - Archer builds itself a Spectiv beside its firing workstation and can in such a way check after each shot (if it would like) the position of the arrow on the target.

Folding Camp Chair

During the shooting breaks the Archer must rest itself and ease. Therefore the target Archer must possess a comfortable folding camp chair. A FITA - Star - tournament takes a complete day. There one needs comfort and peace.


The match takes place at wind and weather. All the same whether rain or sun for hours, the Archer must itself protect against the weather. For this special are offered tent on, which are used by anglers. Who wants to set up its tent, at least 2 hours before match must be start locally. Otherwise one receives no more place for tent.

folding camp chair

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