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The Field - Archer does not have it as comfortably as the target - Archer. The Field - Archer runs during the match by the area. The Field - Archer needs from there special accessories. These are good area-suited shoes. To resting a small transportable chair. A small field-suited water bottle and food supply for the day. Binoculars for the determination of the position of the arrows on the target are also helpful.

Accessories Field Archer

Transportable Chair

The Field Archer runs by the area and must place the own supply surely. For this needs the Field - Archer for the Archery not only arrow and bow but also a light and transportable chair. Best with a small backpack combines. The chair is important, if the comrades shoot, the Field - Archer can rest itself and relaxes for its shot to prepare.Into the backpack a small water bottle, a towel and a snack has workstation.


The Field - Archer cannot use in the area spectiv like it the target - Archer to begin can. Since the Field - Archer of everything is enough for distances and difficult railing over carry must, everything must be easy. The binoculars should not be to difficult thus too largely and thus not. Frequently small binoculars are sufficient.

Sturdy knife

In the area is useful a sharp and sturdy knife. Sometimes the Archer must free itself from bushes. Sometimes it is valid also to get an arrow from a tree. Even one in the field is useful a knife for different things. The knife belongs to the standard - tools the field archery.

transportable chair
sturdy knife Archery

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