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Target Archery Scoring

Scoring Target Archery

The target Faces gives it as full disk and as spots. Down a full disk is shown. An arrow receives the hit valuation of the ring. Dependent on the match 60, 72 or 144 arrows are shot.

If an arrow between two rings puts, then the higher ring is always notify. The 10 is additionally by an X marked. There is thus the 10 and X. the X is worth also 10 points. With point equal status between two Archer the number of X decides placement of the athlete for those better.

If the arrow is in another arrow (Robin Hood), then both arrows receive the same valuation. An arrow is diverted from another arrow, then each arrow receives the valuation in that the point of the arrow puts.

If an arrow misses the target Face, then this is noted as “m” (miss). If a Athlets shoots at the red light, then the highest arrow is taken off.

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With the target Archery are used target Faces from the colours gold, red, blue, black and white. Each colour is for two values. The center, the gold, obtains the largest valuation with 10 or 9 points. The target Faces is into 10 rings partitions from the center outward around a value per ring falls. The center is analysed with 10 points and the outside edge with 1 point. The hits are noted on a scoring card after each passage.

Scoring Target Face

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