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Target Archery: Indoor IFAA

IFAA Indoor Archery

With the IFAA indoor Archery will assign for the center 5 points, then 4 points, 3 points, 2 points and for the outside ring to 1 point. The 5er - Spots have only 5 points and 4 points. The center is marked by an X. The X is worth also 5 points. Credit two Archer the same ring number, decides the number of met X on the placement.

Per passage the Archer shoots with the IFAA 5 arrows. 5 arrows are shot at the same target Face.

The 5er - Spots are careful for the arrow. Closely other being situated arrows can damage themselves mutually. This danger does not exist with the 5er - Spot. However a miss on the 5er leads - spots to 0 points. With the full disk one receives nevertheless still three, two or a ring.

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The indoors of tournaments can be delivered also after the regulation of the IFAA. In this case four passages with in each case 30 arrows are shot, altogether 120 arrows. A match is delivered over 2 days. After the regulation of the IFAA the target Face are blue and have a withe center. The Archer has the free selection with the IFAA, whether at the 5er - spots are shot. Also the Compound - Archer can select.

IFAA Target Face 5er Spot
Target Face Indoor IFAA
Target Face FITA IFAA Indoor

Left a size size of the target Face of the IFAA and the FITA is to be seen. Both target Face have the same diameter. The target Face of the IFAA has however only the 5 rings, while the target Face of the FITA has 10 rings.

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