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FITA Indoor Archery

Most indoor tournaments are delivered on 18m. On this distance for Compound - contactors and for Recurve - Archer of the 3er-Spot are used. Each of the three arrows is shot at individual spots. The sequence of the spots is insignificant.

If two arrows on spots are, then the smaller arrow is noted. The other arrow than “measure ”noted.

The Barebow - Archer shoot at the complete target Face, from 10 to 1.

The world-best Archer shoots approx. 590 rings from 600 possible rings.

With the 25 m distance is shot at the 60 cm target Face. In this case all three arrows are shot at the same target Face. The Compound - Archer receive further a 3er - spots.

The cadets shoot the same distances, received however with the 60 cm target Face on 18 m and the 80 cm target Face on 25 m larger targets.

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In the winter season the tournaments in the sports hall take place. The match distance sinks on 18m or 25 m after FITA - regulation. On these short distances the target Face on 40 cm is reduced. The Compound - Archer and the Recurve - Archer shoots at 3er - spots. In the hall 60 arrows are shot, the number of arrows are fewer thereby around 12 arrows than with the outdoor. The hall season is ideal for beginners.

Target Face FITA Indoor 3er Spot
Target Face FITA 40 cm

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