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Target Archery: FITA Outdoor Target Face

FITA Outdoor Target Face

With the FITA different tournaments are offered to outdoor. Frequently the 70m distance is shot. In addition, there is pure 30m, 50m of tournaments naturally and largest all matches, the FITA Star - tournament.

On the right shown a 80cm FITA is target Face. The target Face has one total volume of 80 cm and the ten has a size of 8 cm.

The 80iger FITA target Face is used for 30m and 50m of tournaments. With both distances at the same target Face is thus shot. For beginners 30m are suitable - tournaments very well. The 50m distance is generally called the most difficult distance for Archer, more with difficulty than 70m.

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With the matches after the FITA regulation the target Face are used after FITA. The size of the target Face is dependent, of the used type of style (Recurve, Compound, Barebow) of the distance and the sex. Men shoot 90m, 70m, 50m and 30m. Women shoot 70m, 60m, 50m and 30m. For each distance the size target of the Face changes. To 50m concerns it short distances, here three arrows per passage shoots itself. With the larger distances 6 arrows per passage are shot.

Target Face FITA 122 cm 90m 70m 60m

Left shown the 122 cm FITA are target Face. The 122iger target Face is shot for all distances starting from 60m. Thus for 60m, 70m and for the 90m. A size of 12 cm has the 10.The target of the Archers on 90m is thus as large as a CD.

With distances over 50m the wind and the air restatus have a great importance. The Archer needs special long haul arrows and a sufficient high Bow Weight on these long hauls.

Archers those in tournaments to participate would like to be able to hold, should a minimum course weight on the finger. For women at least 32 should be pulled lbs, better 36 lbs. With men should be pulled 40 lbs, better to 44 lbs. The more highly the Bow Weight, is the flight curve of the arrow all the flatter. This is very important with the long haul distances. Beginners must lead itself to the high Bow Weights slowly near. This occurs with an increase of the Bow Weights of 2 lbs per month. This begins as soon as the Archer the shooting technique controlled and ends with the personal max. Bow Weight. Archery is to make fun! Do not exaggerate!

Target Face 80 cm FITA

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