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Target Archery: FITA Star Tournament

FITA Star Tournament

A FITA - Star tournament extends over a complete day. Sometimes the match is delivered also on two days. A Archer of each week two times is trained after two to three years the abilities to have acquired, a FITA - Star tournament well to deny.

Starting from 1000 rings the Archer with an Star is rewarded. There are stars in different colours and forms. The FITA Star for the Recurve - Archer has the form of a sign.The FITA - Star for Compound - Archer is round. A FITA - Star can be acquired only on special FITA - Star - tournaments with checked referees. After the tournament the Archer places a request with the FITA on a FITA Star. If everything ran after the regulation, the Archer receives the FITA - Star by post office sent.

Starting from a 1300er - FITA Star is published the Archer on the FITA homepage with its name. For Recurve - Archer is a 1200er - Star already an excellent performance. For Compound - Archer is the 1300er - Star likewise very well. These results are achieved only rarely.

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Shoot once a 1300er FITA Star. This is the dream of target Archern (Recurve). For Compound - Archer is the 1400er FITA Star the dream. Only with a FITA - Star - tournament the FITA - Star can be acquired. With a FITA - Star - tournament 36 arrows on 90m (men, women 70m) become,36 arrows on 70 m (men, women 60m), 36 arrows shot at 50m and 36 arrows at 30m. It 144 arrows shot the max. of 1440 rings to enable. With the women and the Compound Archern the magic boundary by 1400 rings already one overcame.

FITA Star Recurve
FITA Star Compound

1000 rings = FITA Star

1100 rings = FITA Star black

1200 rings = FITA Star blue

1300 rings = FITA Star red

1350 rings = FITA Star gold

1400 rings = FITA Star purpur

Fita Star compound 1400
Fita Star Compound 1350
Fita Star Recurve 1350

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