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The Recurve Bow is well-known also as the olympic Recurve. The Recuve is an olympic discipline, this is with the Compound not like that. The Recurve Bow may be shot also with Stabilizer and Sight. The Recurve may not shoot a release, but has the Archer a Tab around the fingers to protect. The beginner must be occupied with the Recurve, since the material is very important for a good firing picture.

Quelle: FITA Homepage

Recurve Bow description

Draw Weight:

The Draw Weight for a beginner is about 18 - 24 lbs for a woman and 22 - 28 lbs for a man. The Recurve differs from the Compound, since the Archer in the anchor must hold the full Draw Weight during targeting. Who would like to shoot at 70 m, at least a Draw Weight of 32 should have lbs. 36 - 40 lbs (women) or 40 - 45 has match Archer lbs (men).

Arrow Velocity:

The arrow rate depends on the material of the arrow and on the Draw Weight of the Archers. A small Recuve achieves an arrow rate of approx. 150 km/h. A match - Recurve with match - arrows achieves an arrow rate of approx. 220 - 240 km/h.


The range of the arrow depends on the Arrow Velocity. Auch mit einem kleinen Recurve kann man die 70 m erreichen, however one must keep the Revurve steep then into the sky. The arrow has a high sheet flight, better a high Draw Weight, then is flatter the flight curve of the arrow. If one misses the target with a Recurve, then the arrow lands frequently approx. 2 - 5 m behind the target. Who would like to have it on a max. range, more than 1 Mile can shoot also with a Recurve. Realistic are however approx. 200 m.


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