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Over the Archer uses the fingers to protect and for a repeatable shooting picture a Tab. The Tab is a piece of leather, the Tab is held between fingers and Bowstring. Some Archers use the Tab instead of a Glove. The Glove is prescribed for Archers for Longbow, for Recurve - however of disadvantage. The Archer should not pull with the finger the Bowstring, a finger cannot solve the Bowstring so beautifully, as it can the Archer with the Tab.

Tab or Glove

The large advantage of the Tabs is that the Bowstring in-bores itself after some shots into the leather and so the non-standard hand attitude of the Archers supports and makes repeatable. The Tab belonged to the personal equipment of the Archers and is to be treated carefully. The Tab may be never lent to another Archer, also not for a shot and drying must be always held.

If the Tab from reasons of age must be changed, the Archer will notice this at the shot pattern. Everything between fingers and Bowstring works like a lever and changes the shot pattern strongly. That tournament - Archer will use the opportunity from there in the tournament-free time and a reserve - Tab shoot in around in emergency on a second Tab back to access to be able.

There is the Tab in different versions and is situated price ranges and between 10 and 50 euros.


The Glove

The shooting glove consists of thin leather and holds not as for a long time as a Tab. Frequently a Glove is already after two months broken, a Tab however holds several years.

The Archer must adjust frequently to a new Glove, this is bad for the firing picture.

For Longbow - Archer is prescribed the Glove of the regulation. The Longobw - Archer must use thus the Glove. The Glove fits well the Robin Hood - Style.

The Tab

The Tab is the ideal finger protection for Recurve - Archer. The Tab is put before the shot on the hand and can be put after the shot again fast into the trouser pocket. Like that the Tab is protected against influences of the weather.

The Tab has a cut between index fingers and middle fingers. This enables it to the Archer to position the index finger over the arrow and the middle finger under the arrow. The perfect firing attitude.

Tab für den Bogenschützen
Anchor Tab

The anchor Tab

The Ankertab possesses an anchor plate on those the thumb is presented. This brings more stability into the pullhand.

Here shown is a Soma - anchor tab also the small finger integrates. This Tab permits a very stable hand attitude, but the Tab is also one the most expensive tab.

Der Barebow tab

With the Barebow the Archer (dependent on the distance) always accesses to another place of the Bowstring. On the right a Barebow Tab is shown, with that visible the seams to see clearly are.

The Barebow - Archer white like many seams a certain distance has and uses the Tab in such a way for determination of the correct measuring height to the Bowstring.

The Barebow - Archer may not use a visor and the Tab enables it with correct application, to adjust this disadvantage.

The Barebow Tab does not have a cut between indicating and middle finger there the Barebow - Archer underneath the arrow into the Bowstring accesses.

Tab für Barbow geeignet. Die Nähte erlauben das Ermitteln der richtigen Abgreifhöhe.

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