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The Bowstring transfers the strength of the Limbs to the arrow. On wood - Risern knows only the Dracon - stringer to be used. At metal - Risern or carbon - Risern can be shot the stringer with high order from Fastflight or similarly modern material. The stringer can be adapted by the number of strand on the bowstring. The beginner does not need to worry about these things yet. The beginner is to control only the Brace Height. The topic Stringbuilt must dedicate itself the Archer, as soon as the Archer serious-has at tournaments takes.


On the right page a Bowstring is shown. The Bowstring consists of Simple strings may be made of any fiber, twisted into a single cord. On the position 1 the individual strands are to be seen. On position 2 the center coil is to be detected. The center coil protects the Bowstring. With each shot the Bowstring meets the lower arm of the Archers (even if the Archer it does not notice). The Bowstring gets broken fast, if the center coil is missing. On position 3 the upper and the lower Nockpoint are to be seen. The arrow is fastened below the upper Nockppoint. Thus the arrow is always positioned in the same place of the Bowstring.

Bowstring Recurve

On the position 4 a Kisser is shown. The Kisser touched in the anchor the corner of the mouth and gives a further point of reference to the Archer. The Kisser does not have to be shot mandatory, however an additional target assistance offers to the Archer. If the Bowstring always is on the same place because of the corner of the mouth, the heading of the Archers must always be on the same position. The firing flow becomes identical.

On the position 5 the ears of the Bowstring are to be seen. The ears are additionally protected with a taping.

The Archer must check the Bowstring with each training for damages. The Bowstring bears easily more than 10,000 shot. In the case of a damage of a chord strand the Bowstring must be changed immediately. Who considers this, much fun will have with the Archery.

In former times Bowstring from Kevelar were manufactured. This Bowstring could tear and the Archer injured. The today's Bowstring does not tear no more. It is, one continues to shoot with a damaged Bowstring.

The Bowstring must become from time at present waxed. The wax protects the Bowstring against wetness. Additionally the wax makes the strands supple. A well maintained Bowstring keeps longer.

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