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The stabilizer may be used at Recurvebow with Sight, thus on the olympic Bow. The stabilizer may be used naturally also on the Compound, for the Barebow is however forbidden the Stabilizator. A stabilizer improves the firing picture enormously. The effect of the stabilizer is achieved mainly through by the increased mass. By the higher weight the Archer can keep better to the Recurve in the gold and many finer movements would drive through.


The Stabilizer permits to keep the Recurve calm to the Archer of the full single dump. Therefore the firing picture improves with the application of the stabilizer. The heavier the Bow is, the controllable is the Bow for the Archer. The Bow may not be to difficult however. The Archer must be able to keep the Bow easy.

The stabilizer shifts the emphasis of the Recurve away from the Archer. Thus the Recurve falls forward after the firing and receives the desired drop position. The Archer feels a falling of the Recurve forward as pleasant.

A further function of the Stabilizers is to be taken up the oscillations of the Recurve. Thus the arrow flight becomes calmer. A Recurve with Stabilizator has fewer shock waves. Thus the load of the lever and the shoulder of the Archers is many smaller. Starting from a Draw Weight of more than 30 lbs is recommended for health reasons a Stabilizer.

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