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The Riser can consist of wood, metal or carbon. The Riser from wood is taken by beginners gladly, and is easily however not efficient. The Riser made of metal is heavier and stabilized over the weight the Bow. The Riser made of metal permits the Archer a Sight Windows with which it the target to directly sight can. The Riser from wood must be manufactured so thickly that the Archer cannot see the target directly frequently. The Riser made of metal permits besides the use of Fastflight - Bowstring and opens many Tuning possibilities. New Riser is manufactured from carbon. This Riser has the advantages of the Riser made of metal, works however still more shock-absorbing.


On the right a Riser made of metal is shown. This concerns a Riser from aluminum of SF Archery.

A Riser undertakes many for more functions than holding only the Limbs.

On position 1 the Clicker is shown. The arrow is gotten jammed between Clicker and Riser. The arrow is pulled by the Clicker, the Klicker falls on a metal plate (position 2) whereby a clicking noise develops.

The trained Archer pulls the arrow up to approx. 2-4 mm before the Click and begins with the target process. If the Archer is in the gold, bake tension constructed, the Clicker falls and the shot solve itself. The Clicker is for FITA - Archer necessarily, since only with the Clicker the necessary precision is achieved. For Barebow - Archer is forbidden the Clicker.


On the position 3 the rest is to be seen. The arrow rests upon the rest. The Rest gives it in many versions, here are ARE - Rest to see those the Archer the possibility for micro-adjustments permits to adjust and at height and width. This is of great advantage for the fine tuning. For the beginner a plastic rest for few euros is quite enough. The tournament Archer fast on the arrow edition will want to output 50 euros.

On the position 4 Button looks still as “black pin” out. The function of Button (plunger) is to be forced away the arrow of the Sight Window of the Riser. Button plays a large role likewise for the fine tuning.

Button is not only a pin, depending upon price segment Button different feathers have been inserted could. Button can possess a harder feather adjustment or a softer feather adjustment. If the arrow leaves the arrow rest, it presses against Button. Correctly or falsely adjusted Button has influence on the arrow flight. Button is situated in price areas between 20 euros to 100 euros. Button is at all Recurve - Bow with a metal Riser section necessarily.

On the position 5 the Grip of the Riser is to be seen. In this picture with a Checker the Brace Height is measured. The Grip is pasted at this Recurve with a grip cap leather.

On position 6 still the beginnings of a stabilizer are to be seen here. The stabilizer has the function to catch the forces and thus oscillations occurring with the firing. The Riser is with large Draw Weight large oscillations suspended to the throw levers and thus to the stringer and to the arrow is finally transferred. The stabilizer takes up a majority of the oscillations due to its length and calms so the arrow flight down. The stabilizer is frequently more expensive than Limbs.

For the Barebow a long stabilizer is forbidden.The Barebow after regulation by 12 cm broad rings fit, thus max. a small counter balance can be installed.

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