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Archery Recurve Bow: Limbs Part 2

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The Limbs is characterized of the manufacturer by Upper and Lower. With the most modern Recurvebow it is no longer important so, which Limb is installed above or down. With somewhat older Recurvebow the assembly of the Limbs is however enormously important. The upper Limb belonged upward and the lower Limb belongs downward. If the Limbs is exchanged, the flight behavior of the arrows changes radically.


Limbs part 2

Here the WINEX is exemplary - Limbs of the manufacturer Win&Win. On each Limb is a label, the detailed information gives. The Limb for the upper or the lower Wurfarm is konzepiert. How much energy can deliver the Limb. Here it concerns Limbs for 70 an inch Bow is conceived. With the standard Draw Lenght of 28 inch develop this Limbs a Draw Weight of 44 lbs.

The larger the Bow is, all the more calmly and more precisely is the arrow flight. However one loses with a large Bow also something efficiency in the Draw Weight. The regulation permits Bow with max. 72 to inch. Usual FITA - Recurve have frequently 70 inch. The size of the Bow is defined over the size of the Risers and the length of the Limbs.

Those the Bow more briefly, is higher the arrow rate with same Draw Weight. However one does not have 66 with the FITA with an inch Bow fun. But the Bow is too inaccurately and in the single dump quite rigid.

The rated output, here 44 lbs, always refers to a Draw Lenght of 28 inch. Only few Archer have the Draw Lenght of 28 inch. Many Archer have the Draw Lenght 1 - 2 inch more briefly, then the Limb does not have also more the indicated Draw Weight, separate fewer. A Limb with 44 lbs has 40 lbs with 26 inch Draw Lenght possibly still. If the Archer has a Draw Lenght of 30 inch, increases the energy of the Limbs. In this example the Archer would feel good 47 lbs on the finger.

These are examples of a match - Archer. The beginner starts with 18 - 24 lbs (women) and 24 - 28 lbs (men). The Draw Weight of the Archers is modified by exchange of the Limbs. As soon as the Archer controls the complex firing technique. This is executed per month in 2 lbs - steps.

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