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Archery Recurve Bow: Limbs Part 1

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The manufacturers of Limbs offer the Limbs between 100 euros and 500 euros. However it comes out from no catalog to what extent different Limbs differs. Is the Limb for 500 euros really so much better than for 100 the euro? There is a large selection of Limbs for the Recurve Bow. But even this selection makes it heavy for the beginner.


Limbs part 1

Up-to-date one must say that the different manufacturers hardly differ in the quality of the respective Top Limbs. It can be very good however that a certain label the shooting style protecting rather against comes as another label. Therefore the Archer should buy more inexpensive Limbs at the beginning and try the different Limbs out later. Many Archery - shops offer Limbs on borrowing base. This is important also for the increase of the Draw Weights. The Draw Weight is increased month for month by 2 lbs. There the Archer cannot buy new Limbs to each month. The Limbs is borrowed. This enables to try out the Archer also the different types Limbs.

The expensive Limbs of models stands out enormously against the more inexpensive Limbs. With same Draw Weight are more efficient the expensive Limbs. Between the inexpensive and the Top good 4 is appropriate for models lbs for difference. Example: One buys an inexpensive Limb from wood with 28 lbs. An expensive Top Limb is as effective with 28 lbs as a wood - Limb with more than 32 lbs. The Archer can protect itself thus a Draw Weight - advantage. A beginner does not need Top Limbs, the match Archer however already.

The flexible Limbs from carbon is very supple and can besides easily be pulled.

What do Limbs consist of?

Die modernen Limbs sind nicht mehr alleine aus Holz gefertigt. Limbs consist of a combination of different materials. While the Limb from wood had three layers, the modern Limb between 10 and 20 layers possesses. This requires high development costs and expensive production methods. From there also the performance difference between the inexpensive and the expensive Limbs.


Wood is today still a nuclear constituent of the Limbs and lends to the Limbs the form.

The glass fiber:

The glass fiber is used on many modern Limbs for the front and the rear side. The glass fiber stores the energy and supplies the necessary elasticity. This makes the modern Limb so effective.


The carbon is used in the form of carbon networks or carbon fibers in the Limbs. The carbon strengthens the Limbs and provides for optimized elasticity, torsion and rigidity.

Synthetic materials like e.g. Foam:

The foam is easy like wood and permits a homogeneous structure of the core. Foam becomes brittle. Foam it used there nevertheless is easy.

The Limbs consists of a multiplicity of different materials. The most expensive Limbs is also most efficient. The, becomes all the more expensive he possesses more layers a Limb in the production and development. The more inexpensive Limbs own itself in addition, for Archery. Who operates only from fun Archery and frequently only distances to 30 m shoots, comes with inexpensive Limbs well. The Archer, which participates gladly in tournaments and distances of 70 m or shoots 90 m, that should also actually use the Top Limbs.

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