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Archery Recurve Bow: Button / Plunger

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Button or also plunger mentioned, becomes with Recurve with a metal - Riser needs. The metal - Riser has a Sight Window, over now the arrow into the desired position will press Button needed. Button is installed over the arrow rest and presses the arrow on the arrow rest away from the Sight Window. With Button the arrow is steered.

Button / Plunger

The plunger/Button is there in different qualities. The prices for a plunger/a Button are situated between 5 - 50 euros. The difference between different Button is the fine adjustment. An expensive Button is delivered with different feathers and different degrees of hardness. Such a Button permits to tunen the Archer the arrows many more accurately on the non-standard shooting style.

Those can use however only an experienced Archer, the beginner may quite with inexpensive Button operate. The correct function of Button is very important. Therefore Button must be cleaned occasionally in alcohol.

Button is exposed to large loads, it wears. The feather and the pin must be checked and exchanged from there regularly. This is dependent on the number shot arrows, but at least once per season.


Button is a consumer good! The pin of Button becomes with each shot a piece worn out. With the wear of Button also the position of the arrow on the arrow rest changes. Thus the flight behavior and the Sight adjustment change. Button must be well maintained and renewed in time.

Button oder Plunger für Recurvebogen
Button im Recurvemittelteil montiert

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