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Archery Recurve Bow: Brace Height

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The Brace Height is the distance between the deepest point in the Grip and the Bowstring. The Brace Height is a value that each Archer for its Bow must know. The Brace Height must be controlled again and again. If the Brace Height is always alike, Bow and arrow behave also directly. If the Brace Height changes, also another strength affects the arrow. As consequence the flight of the arrow and concomitantly the shot pattern on the target edition change.

What is Brace Height

The Brace Height is the distance between the deepest place of the Grip (see position 2) and the Bowstring (position 4). In order to determine the Brace Height, a Checker (position 3) becomes used and rectangular measured. The Recurve becomes at the Riser (position 1) held, the Limbs is free in air.

How largely does the Brace Height have to be?

The Brace Height is situated between 8 and 10 inch and depends on the Bow type. The optimal Brace Height depends on the material and on the shooting style of the Archers. The optimal Brace Height must be out-shot by the Archer. For the beginner it is important that the Brace Height is always alike.

Brace height
Brace height

The manufacturers or experienced specialist dealers deliver a recommendation for the respective Bow type and used Limbs over the Brace Height.


A Brace Height selected by the Archer must be constantly further shot. Only so the Archer can achieve a constant and repeatable course of motion.

How can I modify the Brace Height?

The Brace Height is modified through to pivot the Bowstring. If the Bowstring is pivoted, the Bowstring becomes shorter. If the Bowstring is untwisted, the Bowstring becomes longer. Thus the Brace Height is increased or reduced.

For this one opens the Bowstring of the Limb and pivots these as shown in position 1. Subsequently, one stretches the Bow and measures the Brace Height.

This process is repeated up to achieve the desired Brace the Height.

How often the Brace Height must be controlled?

The Brace Height must be controlled with each Arrange of the Bow. After few shots the Brace Height must again be controlled. The Brace Height changes with variations in temperature. The fallow Height must be always controlled, if one notices that the arrow flight is not correct.

Why does the Brace Height have to be controlled?

If the Brace Height changes, also the efficiency of the Bow changes on the arrow. If the Brace Height is lower, the arrows are on the target more highly. If the Brace Height is increased, the hit position on the target edition lowers itself.

If one the visor with a Brace Height of e.g. 9 inch determined, then the Brace Height may not change. Otherwise the Sight is not correct any longer.

The Acher has the target to arrange as much as possible things identical. Always uses the Archer the same Brace Height, then the same strength also always transfers to the arrow. The Brace Height is the base for an identical firing flow.

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