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Archery Recurve Bow: Why Bow Sling

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The Bow Sling or finger Sling, is for each Archer must. The Bow is held at the Grip with the forked opened Bow hand between thumbs and index fingers. The Recurve Bow is not clasped with the Bow hand! The Bow must branch with the shot out of the opened Bow hand forward and only by the Bow Sling from down falls retained. Thus the Archer does not have to take up the firing energy of the Recurve, that is joint careful for the Archer. At the same time the shot pattern is improved, permitted there the Recurve to swing.

Bow Sling or Finger Sling

The Bow Sling has the same effect for all Bow of type, for Longbow, Recurve and the Compound.

Here are example of Bow Sling represented. Which type of the Bow Sling come against the own shooting style, is left to everyone. A Bow Sling is situated in the price between 5 and 10 euros. Inexpensive with large effect. A nerd builds itself its Bow Sling from tying lacings or from an old Bow stringer.

Bow Sling  Finger Sling
Finger Sling

The Bow Sling is connected at the Bowarm and at the Riser of the Bow. The Bow Sling hangs and does not disturb the Archer not in the firing flow.

Here shown the Recurve is in the firing preparation. Die Bowhand umgreift in diesem Stadium noch den Haltegriff des Recurve.

In the single dump the Bowhand is opened and with the shot branches the Recurve even out of the Bowhand forward and only by the Bow Sling is held.

Here is shown on the right of a finger a Sling. The mode of operation of the fingers Sling is the same as with the Bow Sling. The fingers Sling to the thumb one fastens.

Some Archers likes the Bow Sling and other one the fingers Sling.

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