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The Compound bow is technically modern and permits very precise shots. The Compound must be adjusted particularly to the Archer, since maximum performances can be otherwise never shot. The Compound bow is very expensive in the purchase, therefore the Archer should leave itself intensively advised before the purchase. The Archer did not train necessary muscles yet. The Compound bow must fulfill other request with the FITA than with the Field Bow or 3-D-Target.

Compound Bow for Beginners

There is not the Compound bow for beginners! The Compound must with the Draw Weight, which Draw length and the Peep Sight are co-ordinated very particularly on the Archer. This is difficult with a beginner, since the Draw does not admit length is and still changes. The release mechanism, release, must be adjusted likewise very particularly to the Archer.

The urgent recommendation reads from there, first a Archery - association look up with experienced Archer and from a coach to lead leave themselves.

Who prefers it nevertheless a Compound alone to buy, which should read the following pages about Compound, so that a basic knowledge is present and a suitable Compound is acquired.

The Compoundbogen accelerates the arrows on rates beyond 300 km/h and also still permits due to this high arrow rate on 90 m a CD - covering to meet. The Compoundbogen is taken off with up to 60 lbs Draw Weight, whereby by the Cam already after short distance the Draw Weight decreases strongly. In the full Draw length must hold the Archer only approx. for 12 lbs (dependent on Compound and adjustment).

Is thus only briefly a top executive necessary, therefore the Compound is suitable bow also for not so strong humans. Women can pull problem-free a Compound with 30 - 40 lbs Draw Weight and concomitantly distances of 70 m (max. match distance for women) achieve. With the Recurvebow one must the full Draw Weight with directs to hold, with the Compound is this only a fraction of the strength.

The strength of the Compound is transferred evenly and gently over the Cam to the arrow. This is a further substantial difference between a Recurvebow and a Compound.

This is the Archer can those string only with limited rate solve. This leads with the Recurvebow to the Stringparalaxe. The string swings with the solve the stringer to the left and on the right. The oscillations are transferred of the string to the arrow. With the Compound bow for this reason release is used for the solve. Release is a solve device those the stringer even fast lets forward, without Stringparalaxe. Therefore the Compound is also so precise.

With the Compound bow the Draw length is adjusted accurately to the Archer. The Archer cannot pull over the beforehand determined Draw length outside. An always same power transmission of the Compound to the arrow enables. A further large difference between Recurvebow and Compound.

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