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Compound Bow: Description

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The Compound Bow possesses many cables, roles and mechanics. The Archer has to describe a set of special terms invented around the material. Here a sketch is offered, which explains and describes the Compound with its sections.

Compound Bow

Quelle: FITA Homepage

Compound description

Draw Weight:

The Compound Bow develops a Draw Weight of 40 - 60 lbs. Due to rolling - system must the Archer in the full single dump however only about 10 - the 15 lbs to hold. With a Compound one can adjust the Draw Weight over rolling - system roughly. IWithin a bandwidth the Compound on the Archer is non-standard adjustable.

Arrow Velocity:

The Compound achieves arrow rates of more than 300 fps. The rate of the arrow depends on the Draw Weight and naturally on the weight of the arrow and can be under it in addition, clearly over 300 fps.


The range of the arrow depends on the arrow rate and the Draw Weight. If the target is missed, the arrow frequently only approx. 10 m flies on. If one creates it on absolute range, one can shoot approx. 1 Mile with a Compound far, realistically however rather 500 is yard.

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