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Compound Bow: Stabilizer

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The Stabilizer increases the weight of the Compound and stabilizes thereby the Compound with the firing. A heavy Compound improves the accuracy of fire. At the same time the Stabilizer shifts the emphasis of the Compound forward away from the Archer. This effect facilitates a directing and the firing picture, the arrow grouping, becomes better.


The longer the Stabilizer, all the more strongly the stabilizing function. Is important for each Compound Bow the use to Center Stabilizers. The Compound can be steered by the emphasis shifted forward and the higher weight of the Archer many more precisely into the target.

A Compound Bow needs additionally a side rode Stabilizer around the weight of the Sight to adjust.

If at the Compound a Sight is installed, the Compound comes into an imbalance. To bring the side rode Stabilizer at the opposite page of the Compound installed around the Compound back into the equilibrium. On a Compound a side rode Stabilizer is never installed onto both side. Then rather completely without side rode Stabilizer shoot.

It is to be held function of the Stabilisation for the Compound NEUTRAL. The visor is installed one-sided and brings the Compound from the equilibrium. With side rode Stabilizer page opposite on that the Sight, provides again for the necessary neutrality.The Compound bow must be able to be held without large application of force even in the stretched hand and tilt neither to the left nor to the right.

Compound Stabilizer

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