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The Sight for a Compound bow must be very strong around the loads with the shot permanently was to hold. Sight for a Recurve bow are conceived, may not on a Compound be used. With the firing of an arrow a large energy quantity becomes free. This energy is transferred mainly to the arrow, but a part of the energy goes also into the Compound Bow, the Stabilizer and the Sight. Only a Sight for a Compound was designed, can in the long term to these loads was to hold.

Compound Sight

For a Compound Sight is primarily important on stability and precision. Who shoots a Compound bow, must high ring numbers shoot. The face competition is hard, since the Compound shoots bow by nature precisely. The face competition is hard, since the Compound shoots bow by nature precisely. At the Sight the Archer may not save.

Down a few Compound Sight is shown. A Compound Sight contains a Scope. The Scope is increased a lens those the target. The enlargement of the Scope may not be too highly selected by a beginner, otherwise the Archer sees only to gold and cannot find its disk and its target edition any longer. Only the trained Archer can master a high enlargement.

The tunnel, in which the Scope is, can be transparent or black. For a Archer that predominantly Fieldbow shoots, should select a black tunnel. Outside knows perhaps the sun the inserted Water - balance to light up to bring, thus that the Archer the target any longer does not see.

If one shoots in the winter season in the hall, then one is pleased about each lux at light that one to get hold of can. For the hall the Compoundsch├╝tze requires itself from there frequently a transparent Scopetunnel. Since this additional light directing enormously supports.

The Water balance built in the Scope is offered in different colours. The colour of the Water balance is not important and to matter of taste. The Archer must keep however the spirit level with the shot in the eye, so that the Compound accurately even is held.

The Scope should be a 3D - a Scope and be adjustable in three directions. With the Fieldbow is the Archer at inclined tendencies and has uphill of shots or downhill - shots to master. The Scope must be able to be adjusted in such a way that also with inclination of the Compound upward or down the Water - balance in the equilibrium is.

The Water - balance must be aligned to the string of the Compound. Otherwise the Archer holds the Water - balance, not however the Compound.

COMPLETELY IMPORTANT - The precision of the Sight! If one makes four Klicks in the one direction and places afterwards again four Klicks back, the Sight must the identical position. Only high-quality Sight and unfortunately no cheap products can do that.

Compound Sight

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