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Compound Bow: Release

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Release is one of the reasons for the firing accuracy of the Compound bow. Release permits to accelerate the stringer the arrow even forward and without lateral oscillations. There are different concepts for the release mechanism. Each Archer must use release, which supports the own shooting style best.


Beginners receive frequently the Rope Style - Release. With Rope Style - Release is fastened release around the wrist and solve then with the finger like a rifle deduction. The Rope Style - Release is not so accurate however, since release can be never fastened accurately to the same place of the hand and e.g. by sweat slips. Additionally stretching the Compound is executed also over the wrist the fact that it is habituation needy and requires strength of muscles, which one does not possess only once.

The triggers - release has another release mechanism. With the trigger - release is operated the release mechanism, in which one presses a cause with the thumb and gives thus a barrier freely. Now if the thumb is taken by the cause, the shot is solved. Here there is not a movement moving in opposite directions for the contactors is desirable. The shot is to be released over the back tension and the lever movement is to the rear to be led. The thumb and the lever would drive through release a movement moving in opposite directions with the trigger - Release. Everyone after its preference!

Third release - type is back - Tension - releases. This form of release supports the natural shooting style of the Archers and permits repeatable and precise shots. The Backtension - release must be stopped to the personal shooting style. One needs surely some hundred shots over with a Backtension - the releases well to shoot. The Archer receives however an advantage, since identical shots are very valuable with the Compound bow and optimize the firing picture.

With a Backtension - release is solved the shot, as the Archer back voltage constructs. Starting from a certain point release releases the shot. The Backtension - release gives it in two types.

Backtension - Release with tilt angle

With this version the shot is solved, in which the angle of release in relation to string changes. Release opens and the arrow is released. The Archer must stop release to the desired angle. This takes some time up.

Backtension - Release with power release

With this release the shot does not become by angle modification, separate by a increased traction power released. The shot is released by enlargement of the back tension.

The firing flow with the Compound is similar as complex with the Recurve, very. The Archer must invest from there very much time into training. For an identical shot the Archer its release must control and love. That is very important! Only if the Archer identifier itself with release, he knows the necessary movement would drive through.


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