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Compound Bow: deflex / reflex

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The form of the Compound has substantial influence on the shooting performance. The Compound is divided into the classes deflex and reflex. From the form of the Compound a higher arrow rate or better precision leads themselves off. Also the Compound plays a role lengthens, the Compound is the longer the more largely is the precision. A match Compound should be larger at least 36 inch, that makes the Compound more precise.

For the field archery - match is a higher arrow rate of advantage, in order to moderate problems in the distance estimation.

Deflex or reflex Compound Bow

Before the purchase of the Compound one should concern oneself with the request of the different disciplines. Then one can buy also the correct Compound.

1. Fita outside

Here at 70 m or the large FITA the distances 90m, 70m, 50m and 30m (men, women shoots 70, 60, 50, 30m) is shot. Since it concerns accurately given distances here, it here particularly depends on large precision.

=> A large deflex Compound with a high brace height.

2. 3 - D

The Kill is very large and the precision is not so important. However one knows with the 3D - shooting as far the 3-D-Target is not distant. The faster the arrow is all the more may one in the distance errs. Here is a particularly fast arrow with a flat flight curve of advantage.

=> A small reflex Compound with a small brace height

3. Field Bow

When field archery shooting it arrives both at precision and at distance estimation. The Compound bow must be thus at the same time precise and fast.

=> A middle high Compound with a middle brace height

Compound deflex
Compound reflex

Here are shown on the left of a deflexer Compound and on the right of a reflexer Compound. By the shorter throw levers and the arrow rate results to the other angle from such reflexes a Compound. A reflexer Compound throws the arrows thus faster than a deflexer Compound. The secret is the brace height of the Compound from the deflexen or reflexes the design arises.


Low Brace Height = fast arrow and not precisely

High Brece Height = slower arrow and high Precision


FITA Reglement: The Compound don´t have more than 60 lbs.

3-D-Target Reglement: arrow speed limit 300 fps

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