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Compound Bow: Cam Style

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For the strength of the Compound the form of the Cam is crucial. The energy is led by the String across the Cam. The Cams gives it in different types to each Compoundbogen the basic characteristic lends. The different Cam - there are types in round roles or in certain forms, which transfer and transfer then the strength differently.

Compound: Cam Style

With round Cam the strength is turned back. Nothing further is to be considered. A round Cam passes on only the energy of the Compound.

A round Cam is frequently used with older Compound model.

With an oval Cam the power transmission is optimized and the throw performance is increased. An oval Cam permits fine tuning.

In the first generation of Compound an oval Cam at the Compound was installed and a round Cam. Such Compound has the advantage that both Cams run nevertheless absolutely syncron and the energy can be delivered optimized.

Cam round
Cam oval

However with such Compound the arrow never even is accelerated. The arrow always receives a small impact that makes the arrow in the first flight phase instable. However with such Compound Worldcups were already won. The disadvantage is not therefore like that bad. The manufacturers of Compound have to minimize measures moved around this problem. If one at a Compound with an oval Cam the Draw Lenght modifies changes one at the same time also the Nock Point and the Tiller. The Tuning expenditure is increased thereby.

The newest Compound has above and down an oval Cam. The modern product quality makes this possible. It presupposes that both Cam run absolutely synchronously. If the Cam does not run absolutely synchronously, leads to it that the strength unevenly to the arrow will transfer. The arrow receives different impacts within milliseconds the strength times from the upper and times from the lower Cam comes there. This leads to a fluttering arrow flight. The Archer must make certain thus that the synchronisation of the Cam is ensured. The advantage of such Compound is that one can modify the Brac Height changed without the Tiller or the Nock Point. The Tuning becomes very simple with such Compound.

As beginners one must concern oneself with the different advantages and disadvantages of the Camsystem. This decision cannot decrease a dealer of the confidence or no coach. The coach can enumerate only the advantages and disadvantages. The decision over the purchase meets always the Archer alone. The Archer must in runs the time to learn to deal with its material and to execute the appropriate Tuning of steps alone.

The Cam manufactured in special forms the one general predicate about the effect and function to make impossible. The Archer must be occupied from there intensively with the respective product data sheet of the manufacturer for this special Compound. It is impossible to transfer empirical values from a Compound to the other Compound. The Archer must trust the manufacturer.

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