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Welcome in World of Archery

Welcome in World of Archery

World of Archery would like to support beginners into the archery. Here information is obtained approximately around arrow and bow. The world of archery is fantastic and full faszination and it is a hard sport.

Many humans think, which archery a simple sport is, no of course. The movement and the material are very complex and only who itself intensively with the sport busily good results will obtain.

Archery is so various at disciplines and offers to the complete family and the performance sportsman to unfold all possibilities.

Please read the informations on this Website and extend your spirit.

Compound bow

The Compound bow is the Bow most developed technically. The Compound permits high arrow rates over the Cam is achieved.A high-prepared Sight with Scope and good release give a technical advantage to the Archer. A long Stabilizer as well as the co-ordinated Brace Height a calm Compound and thus a good arrow grouping give the Archer.

Recurve bow

The Recurve bow is well-known also as the olympic Bow. This area of the website particularly with the Recurvebow one deals. As the Recurve becomes arranged, as one uses a Bow Sling or a Tab. The Limbs, the Riser, Button, the Bowstring or the Stabilizer has which meaning. The Archer must be occupied with the material. The used material and the shooting performance of the Archers are connected very closely.


The Archer that expired its hobby, places the accessories still additional for Archery is firmly needed. To it a Quiver and further things belong. Here the important accessories are specified, which are equally important for all Archer, All Archers and All Archers 2. For those Archers those the a target - shooting love, need special protection from sun and rain. The field archery needs adapted accessories, with which it can operate the sport in the area. Archery has special request to the clothes, it must within the area of the torso fit closely.

Target Archery

Target Archery is delivered in the winter in the hall on 18m. In the summer outdoor up to 90m is shot. The target Faces are in the color of the rainbow held. The center is gold for it 10 points gives. Target Archer a FITA at special FITA Star - tournaments can shoot FITA Stars. The high FITA - Stars are very in demand, in addition, rare. Target Archery is usually delivered after the regulation of the FITA. For the hall season also target tournaments are offered after the regulation of the IFAA.

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